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Pattaya Shopping

Shop in Pattaya City at a Bargain

Pattaya has a fabulous range of trendy shops to street markets catering to all tastes. From the very expensive to the incredibly cheap, you can find it all here.

Most of the tourist type shops are located on Beach Road or the parallel Second Road in South and Central Pattaya.

Pattaya Shopping Malls

Pattaya has malls, superstores and supermarkets, making it simple for most tourists to find products they are familar with.  Even the layouts are like shopping back home.

Top of the list:

Royal Garden Plaza (Beach Road, between Soi Post Office and Soi Pattayaland 1)
Big C is a huge shopping mall (opposite Soi 3 on Second Road)
Mike's Shopping Mall (Beach Road between Sois 11 and 12)
The Avenue (Second Road, opposite Soi 11) - upmarket boutiques.
For a comprehensive rundown of Pattaya see ... 'Malls, Superstore and Supermarkets'

Thai-style Street Markets

Local handicrafts, ceramics, carving, Buddhist art, clothing for all tastes and much more.
But be prepared to bargain, the opening gambit may be high. Most shop keepers use a calculators so you can make your counter offer in any language.

Pattaya Thailand is famous for its open-air markets and street stalls. Pattaya has less of this Thai style shopping than most of Thailand's major destinations, but some Thai-style markets do exist:
Thepprasit Market on near the junction with Sukhumvit Road is Pattaya's version of a weekend market ... (Thepprasit Road)
Soi Buakhao Market, sometimes called the Tuesday/Friday Market

Gems and Jewellery

Thailand is noted for its gems and hand-made jewellery. Care must be taken when shopping to avoid a scam.
Never buy gems from vendors on the street or allow a tout take you to a store offering special bargains.


Pattaya is loaded with tailors. Most are capable of good, if not spectacular work. Avoid tailors who offer incredibly cheap deals, or work under 24 hours.  The best (but more expensive) tailors can be found in Walking Street, or on Beach Road.
(see ... Pattaya Tailors)

Remember, you get what you pay for and the quality of goods here is far lower than you would expect at home. Money-back guarantee is a vague concept, so the goods are 'Good' before buying anything. 
(see ... More Good Advice)


In Pattaya you’re rarely more than a hundred metres from a 7-11. There are more than one-hundred 7-11s in Pattaya City and more opening every day.

The further you get away from the beach, the more you enter the real Thai community and the shops will reflect this.

Shop-houses are a combination shop and home for the shop keep. The shop is on street level and the family lives in the rooms at the back and above the shop.

Bargaining - is no longer expected anywhere except in at Tourist Trap street Tout markets. Do not bargain down the price of a bottle of water.

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