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Pattaya Bars & A Go Go Clubs

Pattaya Has The Best Nightlife In The World !

Pattaya Bars & Beer Bars

Pattaya has many nice closed bars but at least over a thousand open air beer bars. The Open Air Thai beer bar is usually staffed by around 5 or 6 hostesses who will do everything they can to attract the potential customer to their establishment. Commonly, the bars are found tightly packed together each with their own music at full volume. This creates a rowdy party atmosphere that many find entertaining but others find to be torture. In particular in Walking Street there are plenty of these.
See also our Night Life & Bar guide with several bars, nightlife business liisted

Pattaya Go Go Clubs & Show Bars

A Go Go Clubs are mainly located in  South Pattaya's Walking Street ( Mile of Sin ) and in the Soi's between Beach Road and Second Road
There is an ongoing show from Thai ladies aged from approx. 20 to 30 years, depending on club and location. Usually the ladies are wearing bikinis or other kind of sexy accessories. Occasionally there are unknown topless shows. We have heard of shows where the ladies drop their entire "clothing" however please confirm with the A Go Go owners or managers to make sure whenever and if such shows may
occur. See also our A Go Go Guide

Pattaya Gay Go-Go Clubs

The men or boy's version of A Go Go in Pattaya City are in fact mostly located in the Soi's connecting Second Road and Beach Road.
Gay A Go Go's were established much later, so there were missing out on the top spots. Another reason might have been that in the begiining the gay society was not yet fully accepted. However these days there are many gays in Pattaya City and in fact they are perfectly blending in to the Cosmopolitan Life of Pattaya City.
See also the bottom section of our A Go Go Guide
As for dress code and shows the same is applicable to gay shows as for lady shows, with the exception that topless of course is during all the time. Occasionally some dancers may take on some transvestite or other very moderated sexy accessories.

Pattaya Gay Go-Go Clubs

There are a few more established Gay Bars ( not beer bars ) on Soi Pattayaland 3. These bars are meeting points for gay people who prefer to engage in conversation in quiet atmosphere rather than having to shout like in the A Go Go clubs
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