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Pattaya City Expats

Guide for Living or Longstays in Pattaya

Pattaya is very popular as a retirement destination for many Westerners. So much so that there is an extensive support network of expatriates living, working, or enjoying retirement in Pattaya City. For the retired or pensioners who needs a regular fix of western food and shopping, Pattaya is the place. For the golfer, it's heaven. Pattaya City is possibly the most enigmatic city in Thailand. It has been described as a city of sin by some, a beach paradise by others. Pattaya has beaches, golf courses, excellent sports clubs, a lighted lawn bowling greens, scuba diving, and plenty of social activity. Pattaya also has more "farangs" per square meter than any other Thailand city, so yes it is retirement territory.

There are hundreds of hotels and guest houses of all types, sizes, locations, quality, and price. Monthly rentals can be an excellent option. Staying a long time? We suggest furnished serviced apartments.
Wanting to buy property? ... Real estate agents can be helpful, but caution should be exercised.

Pattaya Mail has "superstores" .... Lotus and Big C .... more on shopping

Pattaya has several quality hospitals.


  • Expats Club of Pattaya
  • Free Masons, Lodge Pattaya West Winds - meets every 2nd Saturday
  • Pattaya Bridge Club
  • Rotary Club of Pattaya - meets Mondays at Town in Town Hotel
  • Pattaya Social Clubs

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