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It is said that no one shall starve in Thailand; this goes well with Krabi province as well. In each and every street, you will find a restaurant or open air kitchen with Thai food.

International cuisine  such as Italian, Indian, German and other Western food are mostly run by Westerners or expatriates.

We may recommend the following restaurants in Krabi

Even without compromising on cleanliness, you can have food from good street stalls as well.   The Night Markets are selling all the rice dishes of Thailand as well as soups, snacks and fresh fruits. The Muslim snacks are individual with no pork.

Thai food is highly spicy. Unless you specify your requirement of non – spicy food, you are likely to get fire in your mouth. Coconut curries are very popular in the South of Thailand.
Yellow Squid Curry (Pat Gaeng Pla Muek)  is a popular dish. Chicken Curry ( Gaeng Gai )is very tasty and palatable if you can put up with some amount of spice.
There are several tasty soups in the Thai menu. Tom Yum is the most famous soup with Lemon grass followed probably by Tom Kha which is practically Tom Yum with coconut milk essence.

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