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Thai people are a highly tolerant and hospitable people.  It is very easy to get along with them.  They believe in Live and Let live ideology.  Women have considerable status in society.  Even though men folk seem to have upper hand in every decision making,  women enjoys considerable privileges as well.  Trading transactions are normally managed by womenfolk.

Krabi’s populace represent a multi ethnic multi racial society.  It is a mix, mélange or mosaic of various ethnic groups. Each ethnic group in Krabi represents a page in the annals of immigrants to the area from time immemorial.

Krabi is not over populated just as Thailand in general is.  As the country is poised in the middle of the states in the area, plenty of migrations have taken place in the past centuries overlooking geographical boundaries.

In the late 19th and 20th century, people from Chinese mainland, especially the southern area entered Thailand.  Even though they came in for supplementing the local labor, they got assimilated into the society.  You can see a cross section  of the Chinese society in Krabi as well.  Chinese rituals and cultural aspects were absorbed in parts by the Thai society as well.

There is an ethnic group called Sea Gypsies or Chao Ley whose origins are not known.  But they have been natives in Krabi for quite some time now.  They have been a nomadic tribe depending mainly on fishing, collecting shells and diving for sustenance.

75% of the total populace is of Thai origin, 14% are Chinese and the remaining 11% includes all other ethnic minorities including Indians.

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