Bang !
Meet Over 70 Girls In Our Large Outdoor Patio Bar.
Meet Over 70 Girls In Our Large Outdoor Patio Bar
Bang !

We are located on 2nd road opposite the Apex Hotel. You can't miss our large sign (above). Your holiday will not be complete until you visit our beautiful outdoor patio bar, actually 4 bars in one with over 70 fun girls for you to meet. Large TV with IBC Satellite feed. We are not like the typical Thai bars. we are clean with well maintained grounds and are always managed by us the foreign owners. We speak Dutch, French, German, English and of course Thai. Economy priced drinks and Heineken beer on tap. Easy listening music played by our DJ to fit the mood. You are cordiality invited to pay us a visit.

Beach Club, The Corner Bar
Corner of Soi 11 & 2nd Rd
Pattaya, 20260, Thailand
Look For our sign.


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